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Train with Steve Cotter!

Exclusive Kettlebell Courses (Singapore, Feb 2020)

Here’s your chance to train with International Kettlebell expert - Steve Cotter

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​Certified Kettlebell Teacher Level 1

(Full day course)

Date: 15th Feb 2020 (Sat)

Time: 8.30am to 5.30pm

Venue: TFX @ Pacific Plaza (Orchard Road)

Fee: SGD$500 (W/GST)

There are no pre-requisites for this course, so attendance is open to anyone interested in learning the kettlebell and Steve’s unique and multi-modal approach to kettlebell lifting. Regardless of your fitness goal, we will cover how kettlebell training can best fit your needs - general fitness, competitive sport, sports specific conditioning and more.

*Recognised for NSAM 1.4 CEU | *Recommended fitness level: Intermediate to advanced | *Space Limited - Max 30 pax

​Fine-tuning Kettlebell Fundamentals with Steve Cotter

(Half day workshop)

Date: 16th Feb 2020 (Sun)

Time: 8.30am to 1.00pm

Venue: TFX @ Pacific Plaza (Orchard Road)

Fee: SGD$180 (W/GST)

For fitness professionals with previous kettlebell training and education. Get hands-on detailed instruction with the world’s most experienced kettlebell instructor and fine-tune your kettlebell fundamentals; elevate your personal kettlebell practice as well as become a more well-informed instructor.

* Space limited

​Register now!

To reserve your space:

Contact Person: Fateha (Ms)

Tel: +65 6580 6766


25% Off for Groups of 4

20% Off for Early Bird registration (before 1st Feb)

Important Notes

* No refund of course fee upon confirmation. | * United Lifestyle Pte Ltd reserves the right to make any amendments without prior notice.

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Certified Kettlebell Teacher Level 1

Certified Kettlebell Trainer – CKT courses standardize safe and effective kettlebell exercise, and guides fitness professionals to excellence in the art and science of teaching kettlebells to the fitness-minded and sporting public.

The IKFF provides a holistic approach to health, fitness, performance and well-being that is based upon the blending of body and mind and is integrated with the 5 Pillars of the IKFF Kettlebell system:






What you will learn at CKT certification Level 1

This course focuses development of mastery with single kettlebell exercises, and models how to teach and supervise these exercises to the training public in the most safe and effective manner.

Elements of CKT Level 1:

Ethical standards of practice for fitness professionals

Principle-based teaching and learning model

Organization of safe training spaces

Fundamentals of breathing, posture and mindset

Comprehensive physiological and psychological preparation techniques and strategies

Stages and progressions of teaching cues

Core exercises of CKT Level 1 and the most important variations and assistance exercises

Corrective exercises for common practice errors

Mobility and joint-specific warm-ups for pain-free exercise

Extensive warm-up and cool-down methods and structure

Flexibility exercises to support kettlebell training

Practical program design to serve customer goals

The IKFF Standard for Excellence

What makes CKT so unique among Kettlebell certification courses?

IKFF distinguishes from other Kettlebell certification courses by our holistic approach to mind-body fitness and health. With kettlebell as the primary tool of CKT courses, the integration of our controlled-intensity kettlebell curriculum with education in breathing, mobility, martial arts, flexibility and meditation forms our unique comprehensive approach to kettlebell fitness education.

The IKFF teaching experience is second-to-none, the first truly-global kettlebell certification for more than a decade providing hands-on education to thousands of fitness professionals in over 60 Nations across the globe, and impacting the positive development of kettlebell education to thousands more via DVD and online instructional videos.

CKT dives deeply into the precise study of kettlebell exercise and provides to the student a principled-based approach to sustainable fitness through the mastery of the kettlebell.

This rich CKT education arms fitness professionals with the ability to offer the highest-quality kettlebell training to the students and clients they serve.

The IKFF Standard for Excellence

Attending an IKFF certification course is not enough to earn certification. The student must also demonstrate technical competence to earn a prestigious IKFF certification. CKT and CMS students must pass the technical assessment with consistent form to receive IKFF certification

CKT Level 1 Assessment:

CKT Level 1-candidates are required to perform a Fitness Test during the Level 1 course:


Hand-hand Swing: 20kg x 100 – switching hands after each rep is completed

1 arm Clean& Press: 20kg x 16 reps per hand AND must work for the full 2 minutes on each hand (4 min set); 32 reps total non-stop

Snatch: 20kg x 60 reps with only 1 hand switch (can do 30 each hand or any combo that totals 60 reps)

Front Squat: 20kg x 30 reps AND must hold KB for entire 2 min


Hand-hand Swing: 12kg x 100 – switching hands after each rep is completed

1 arm Clean& Press: 12kg x 16 reps per hand AND must work for the full 2 minutes on each hand (4 min set); 32 reps total non-stop

Snatch: 12kg x 60 reps with only 1 hand switch (can do 30 each hand or any combo that totals 60 reps)

Front Squat: 12kg x 30 reps AND must hold KB for entire 2 min

* The 4 exercises are performed one right after the next with no rest or breaks in between exercises

* Women under 45 kg can use 8kg and for men under 60kg can use 16kg; men and women over 55 years of age can use 16kg and 8kg, respectively

The successful completion of the CKT Level test involves completion of the Assessment with strict execution of form. If the CKT-candidate is not able to successfully complete the assessment or to demonstrate competence in one of more of the techniques, the student will receive a Certificate of Participation and will need to subsequently demonstrate correction of the techniques by providing video of the completed Assessment with corrected techniques.

CKT-candidates who are unable to pass the Assessment during the course, or who opt not to attempt the Assessment during the course, have a 3-month period post-certification course to submit their successful Assessment by video, and will receive certification upon grading of the video submission.

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